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Midwest Termite and Pest Control, a locally owned and operated company, services the entire Dayton, OH area and surrounding communities. We have over 30 years of experience treating all varieties of pests.

We offer reliable, personal, prompt, and professional service to all our customers whether treating a wasp nest in a residential property or mice in a business setting.

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A pest problem in your home or office is not a pleasant experience, but unfortunately, pests can and do infest even the cleanest environments. With Midwest Termite and Pest Control, you can regain your peace of mind. We are experts in our field and are fully licensed and insured.

Pests can be of different types. They can include ants, cockroaches, termites, mice, spiders, moths, and much more. They can be also rodents, or even insects that can do harm and adversely affect health, cause damage and destroy your commercial or residential property. A rodent control service expert with the right expertise and knowledge can assess a situation accurately. Based on this, he or she can evaluate the exact method required to take care of the issue permanently. We can easily reduce illness and the risk of various diseases. Rodents can make you fall ill and cause various diseases. They transmit multiple diseases including malaria, dengue, and even asthma.

From insect bites to mice waste, homes can become uninhabitable and businesses can become a bust if you don’t have these pests removed. Be rid of pesky pests and the danger that they pose to your household by choosing our pest control services. The methods that we use will depend on the type of pest we will be dealing with. But rest assured that we prioritize safety, making sure that we only use solutions that will not be harmful to the household or even your pets. Why wait until the infestation gets worse when you can prevent that from happening by keeping in touch with a reliable company like us?

When you are tired of pests but not sure what to do, you should get help from a professional exterminating service that offers end to end pest control and management jobs. There are many benefits to doing this. The term ‘Pest’ can surely evoke disgust in most of us, isn’t it? If that’s the case, why do most people take a back after seeing one tiny spider or any other insect lingering on their floors or walls? Truly speaking, it’s not right to keep calm. You might just notice one or two of them and kill them using a spray but what’s the guarantee that there are not more of them?  

There is no obvious benefit that stems from hiring a commercial pest control service. Getting rid of obnoxious and dangerous rodent and insect visitors in your property is one thing, however, there are many other advantages of hiring a company to do it. Pests create an uncomfortable atmosphere that is virtually impossible for any client, customer, or staff member to look beyond. Hiring an expert who is trained in eradicating pests is the quickest and most effective way to solve the problem. Beyond the ewww factor, pests carry harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that can expose your customers to illness. No business owner wants to face a pest infestation.

According to the reports from NEA, the complaints regarding the rat issues have been continuously rising. There are various signs of spotting rodent colonies in your housing estates. Mice and rats are generally in charge of polluting or eating a nourishment supply. These sorts of rodents are known as commensal rodents because they live with or in close relationships with property owners. Most of them are widely recognized. They ruin our sustenance by filling it with excrement, dander, and hair. Such vermin are found in stores, homes, and facilities all through the US. With a professional rodent control service, your rat problems will be over.


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Customer’s Reviews

 by Chester Ruiz on Midwest Termite & Pest Control

If you have mice and other rodents in your property, this is the company you should trust. They did everything right - from start to finish. Thanks a lot for the astonishing services, I will recommend them to anyone in need!

 by Pearl Warren on Midwest Termite & Pest Control

Last week, nasty roaches were eating my leftover pizza and I was absolutely devastated. I hate bugs and this is why I contacted this company for help. They removed them in a timely manner and I am happy that I made the right choice. I appreciate their work and I am now one of your satisfied customers. Thanks a lot!

 by Norman Murray on Midwest Termite & Pest Control

Absolute perfection! I had termites, and I was afraid that they might damage the frame of my bed. I love sleeping and this is the only thing I want to do if I could. This is why this company helped me by protecting my property from termites. Great job!

 by Cornelius Holloway on Midwest Termite & Pest Control

I had a lot of stink bugs in my home and I needed help by a professional pest control service. This is why I decided to give this one a call and they arrived quickly. They are knowledgeable, professional, and highly efficient while working. They safely removed all the stink bugs from my home.

 by Diane F. Davis on Midwest Termite & Pest Control
Thank you so much!

My boyfriend and I were out of town for a month and a half and when we came back, we found out we have cockroaches in our apartment. We immediately called for a pest control and this company took care of our problem in no time! Hopefully, we will never see these disgusting bugs again!

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Our pest control services include:



We use a proven effective bait station and inspection program to protect your most valuable asset- your home.

Call us for a free inspection.



Bed bugs are parasitic insects that can be brought into your home in many different ways. While an infestation in your home or office is upsetting, they can be effectively eliminated.

bed bugs


Rodents can carry dangerous diseases into your home. They are especially motivated to get into your home or office when the weather turns colder, entering through the smallest crack or crevice.

mice and rats


Fleas cause discomfort for both people and pets and can cause more serious problems than just a bite. Ticks burrow under the skin and can carry serious disease.

fleas and ticks


Spiders can be especially creepy when they are inhabiting the same space as you! There are many types of spiders, and we are effective at eliminating all of them.



Stink bugs can move into the home through cracks and other openings. They spend the winter hiding inside the walls, in the attic or crawl space. When spring comes, they become active. Stink bugs can be a serious problem as they move into your home or office.

stink bugs


Both of these rodents can cause major destruction to your home and lawn. We have proven techniques to rid you of these intruders.



While there are many different types of roaches, all are unwanted. We can eliminate all types.




Wasps and yellow jackets often build their nests in and around buildings. They can be aggressive and cause major discomfort when they sting, and they can also be life-threatening to some people.

black fly
insect control
yellow jackets


From carpenter ants that do damage to your structure to thief ants that are a nuisance in your home or office, we have proven ways to eliminate them.



A real nuisance and possibly disease carrying, we utilize a suppression technique that when performed on a regular basis is effective in severely limiting your experience with mosquitoes.

mosquito control

Keep Mosquitoes Away! 

Since mosquito control is one of our main areas of expertise, we like to introduce some important information to potential clients that are looking for this type of pest control services. Believe it or not, mosquitoes are among the world’s deadliest animals. You probably didn’t imagine them being so dangerous but they spread diseases like Malaria, Zika, and other viruses. Therefore, it is vital to call a pro if your property is under attack. While waiting for our specialists to arrive, you can take some preventive measures yourself. You can use scents like lavender that keeps mosquitoes away. You can also try with lemon and cinnamon oil.

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