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Midwest Termite & Pest Control
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Chester Ruiz

If you have mice and other rodents in your property, this is the company you should trust. They did everything right - from start to finish. Thanks a lot for the astonishing services, I will recommend them to anyone in need!

 by Pearl Warren

Last week, nasty roaches were eating my leftover pizza and I was absolutely devastated. I hate bugs and this is why I contacted this company for help. They removed them in a timely manner and I am happy that I made the right choice. I appreciate their work and I am now one of your satisfied customers. Thanks a lot!

 by Norman Murray

Absolute perfection! I had termites, and I was afraid that they might damage the frame of my bed. I love sleeping and this is the only thing I want to do if I could. This is why this company helped me by protecting my property from termites. Great job!

 by Cornelius Holloway

I had a lot of stink bugs in my home and I needed help by a professional pest control service. This is why I decided to give this one a call and they arrived quickly. They are knowledgeable, professional, and highly efficient while working. They safely removed all the stink bugs from my home.

 by Diane F. Davis
Thank you so much!

My boyfriend and I were out of town for a month and a half and when we came back, we found out we have cockroaches in our apartment. We immediately called for a pest control and this company took care of our problem in no time! Hopefully, we will never see these disgusting bugs again!

 by Ryan K. Stout
The best company!

I have already booked pest control service with two other companies, but when I booked these guys, I could clearly see the difference. They did a great job and gave me some advice on what to do if I see bugs again. Now, three weeks later, I have not seen even a single cockroach in my house! Thank you so much!

 by melissa
excellent honesty

just bought a house came home to a dead roach in my florida room . flipped out called mike , he told me to send him a pic sounded like a had a wood roach. sure enough thats what it was , he said they only live outside in tree bark no need to pay him for services probably just flew in. HONESTY! so very thankful for his help and honesty.

 by Joseph E. Harris
Thank you!

My girlfriend was visiting me recently and she freaked out when she noticed two cockroaches in the bathroom. I told her this is nothing, sometimes there are dozens of them and she left immediately. I booked an insect control with this company and had her come and see the professionals dealing with the bugs, so she would actually believe me. Now there are no more cockroaches, thank you!

 by Kimberley D. Roy
The best in town!

My mom and I recently noticed there are ants in our kitchen. Guess they started appearing, because we leave some snacks open, so we tried to make them go away thanks to some Internet hacks. They did not work so we booked a pest extermination service with this company. Finally, no ants in the house, thanks!

 by Ginger M. Delgado

My roommate and I were looking for a pest extermination in Dayton as we just moved in this city and one of the first results we found was this company. We had cockroaches in our rented apartment and these people took care of our problem. Now, a month later, there are still no cockroaches! Thank you!

 by Leah
Thank you Michael!

Very reliable pest control. Came really fast and did a great work without damaging our house. Not a sign of insects in the area!

 by Janna
Overall great!

Affordable and efficient pest control. Exterminator was friendly and did a great job. I haven't seen the nasty pests for a long time now.

 by Rick Miller
Bed bugs

Midwest was very professional. Would recommend them highly

 by Laura K.

Thank you for your professional pest control services, and timely service, most importantly, your knowledge and expertise you showed in solving my problem with ants. It was a pleasure working you’re your company during my time of need. Thank you

 by Paula Montgomery

On behalf of my neighbors, I want to thank you and your staff for an insect removal done, not only today but in the past. The MIDWEST TERMITE & PEST CONTROL should be proud of their workers. It's been my privilege to work with them. Thank you

 by Lenard Smith

This is what I call an efficient pest control service! I just wanted to drop a few lines, to let you know the cockroaches never came back as you promised! I don't know the methods you utilize, but they really work! Nowadays it is so hard to find such an attentive and cooperative expert. You did a splendid job plus the professional advice you gave me! Thank you once again

 by Cindy

I have used Midwest Termite & Pest Control for the past control services this years with great results. The team is always prompt with his response and thorough with his actions and advice

 by Jim F.
Excellent services!

The exterminator was punctual, friendly and was always mindful of our privacy during the very thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of our home The property was left as it was found (minus the pests) and the technician even pulled a few weeds.