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Pests are a bother all the time, however, during the summer and warmer days in the spring and fall seasons, many of us encounter wasps. Some are afraid or allergic and to others, they are not bothered by them. However, they can be dangerous since their stingers can cause bad allergic reactions and can hurt a lot. Hire Midwest Termite & Pest Control for your industrial pest control to get rid of the wasps and their nests without putting yourself in danger of removing it. 

Wasps insect control 

Have you noticed an increased amount of wasps around your industrial facility? You probably have a wasps nest somewhere around the property. As an industrial pest control company in Dayton, OH, we have experienced professionals that can get rid of these dangerous pests. There are many different species of wasps and not all nests look the same. If you have found a wasps nest and want to make sure it is indeed a nest, you should contact us and we will come out to look at it. Here are some indications of the various species of wasps and the types of nests they have:

  • Yellow-Jackets tend to have their nests in holes in the ground, in trees, or on buildings – these are harder to locate
  • A hornet’s nest will be round with a pointed bottom or look like a football. It will have smooth walls and 1 large opening
  • Paper wasps nests look like a honeycomb or have an umbrella-like shape.
  • Mud dauber wasps have nests that look like clay and are small and tubular. They are usually built in cracks and crevices.

 Dangers of wasps 

It is important to remove a wasps nest sooner rather than later. When they first form, they are relatively small but they do become bigger and tend to have anywhere between 3 and 6000 wasps in one nest at a time by the peak of the summer. Removing a wasp nest requires professional help which is why our industrial pest control service has experts come out to identify the nest and carefully remove it.

If you are in the Dayton, OH area and are in need of industrial pest control service to help get rid of your wasp problem, give Midwest Termite & Pest Control a call immediately at (937) 469-6128.