Insect Control In Dayton, OH

About Our Wasp Insect Control

It is a very unpleasant sight to see a wasp nest in or around your home. Irrespective of the severity of the situation, your best bet will always be to call a professional insect control specialist such as Midwest Termite & Pest Control. Based in Dayton, OH and serving the neighboring areas, we offer some of the best methods that ensure the wasp nest treatment you need.

 Our specialists will do a full on-site inspection, making sure they figure out the whereabouts of the wasp nests, as well as the source of the problem. Once fully surveyed, we will discuss your needs and provide an estimate, including how much time we will require for destroying the insects and whether or not your house will be put under a quarantine. Once agreed, we will commence with preparations and ensure the full extermination of all wasp nests, making sure your property is safe and free from any insects.

 Fully armed with safety equipment and the necessary products at our disposal, we will begin. We will first cover all sides of two insectsyour property, in order to make sure the wasps do not escape and enter the neighboring properties. Once we have ensured the safety, we will apply aerosol sprays or insecticidal dust, depending on the difficulty of penetrating the nest. Once removed, we will seal all entry points, in order to prevent any wasps from returning. We will also address any fruit trees (if any), as rotting fruit is a magnet for wasps, as well, and this is something you should know and make sure to prevent from happening.

 Contact our company in Dayton, OH to schedule an insect control service for any wasps that have infiltrated your comfort zone and pose a threat to you and your family. Let the experts at Midwest Termite & Pest Control deal with the problem and ensure your peace of mind. Dial (937) 469-6128 to let us know of any additional insect issues you are experiencing, and we won’t hesitate to assist you. We look forward to hearing you. Give us a call today!